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Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class

Jan 27, 2017

Hello and Welcome to the Surging forward podcast this weeks episode is a great time with an  interview with Thomas Bennett an Electrical Tradesman in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia.  I think you will enjoy hearing about his great success at a young age and how you can love the work you do. Lets

Jan 21, 2017

I had an interesting question posed to me by an apprentice at school the other night. He was at a cross roads that many of us have been at least sometime in our career, if you have not than believe me you will. The superintendent has asking, well more like depending that he do work

Jan 14, 2017

How to Increase Your endurance? Last week I talked about being Overwhelmed. This week I want to talk about increasing your endurance. Do you ever wonder why it seems that some people seem to get so much done and yet you feel I would like to make it through the day? Why is that? Well Read...

Jan 7, 2017

Do you sometimes just feel overwhelmed? Last week I talked about setting the right goals if you have not listen to that episode you may want to go back and listen so that we make the right goals. This week I want to talk about not getting over whelmed. I had mention that we should