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Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class

Mar 19, 2018

Welcome to the Surging Forward Podcast The 3 steps for success Episode 82 I have been in construction many years and have attend many a safety talk. Today I want to address there very important points about how understanding how to stay safe and alert on the job can also help you find that opportunity that can bring success to your career. Point #1 Being alert: being alert on a jobsite is critical as there are many moving parts to a large and even a small construction site. One must always be alert on the site as things can change sometimes without warning and you will have to react quickly in order to be able to avoid possibly serious injury. This same point also applies in life as one must always be alert and be aware of the surroundings in ones own life. Being in tune to the things that others may say in regards to opportunities that may be waiting for you to take or even maybe seeing the writing on the wall and realizing that it may be time for you to move on were again if not heeded may have serious consequences on your career to a point where it may be hard to recover if you are not careful or worst yet that once in a life time opportunity or dream job may be lost forever just because you were not alert.  Point #2 Understanding the risks. Each day before you step out on the site or in a work area you need to take a minute and thing about the risk that may be and more than likely are present for your work that day. Understanding the risks that are involved with your work will help you be able to avoid many of the accidents that catch others by total surprise. I find it amazing after all my time in construction that there is rarely and accident no matter how much we like to see as a no fault after the investigation they always seem to find the actual cause was by someone not taking a certain step. Understanding the risks in our daily lives will help you in making a lot of those hard and tough decisions when you come to that fork in the road as to which way to go. You can take both roads but one may mean tough times ahead and the other may have tough times but also lead to success. Which one do you take. Start by listing the risks and seeing whether they are real or not for your life. Money is not always the issue nor is security always a good thing as that can keep you in bondage. Make a list and take with someone you know that has more wisdom than you. Don’t ever feel like you can do it alone as you may be too emotionally connected. Understand the risk.  Point #3 Have an escape plan. Through out the day as I travel on the roads to work or as I am walking around the job site. I always try and have an escape plan. Maybe it comes from when I riding motorcycles as it seems everyone simply try’s to hit you sometimes, but the point being I always try and make a way for be to be able to move out of the way. I try not to let myself get box in just incase something lets loose and I have to react quickly to save my self from injury. Again things can change in the blink of an eye so you may not have time to think about where to move you just have to move without think otherwise again serious injury could happen. In life an escape plan is needed as you never know what my happen some of you have had the devastated time when you where called in thinking you were getting a raise only to find out you where getting laid off. Some have even been let go for no reason and had nowhere to go. Think about have a back up plan you have skills as a person in the trades. You may be able to start you own business as the skills you have are very valuable. What are you good at make your hobby of what you enjoy doing something that you can increase your skill in and you never know your backup plan may become you new plan. We are here to help you to keep Surging Forward Until next week keep Surging Forward. If you enjoy this podcast, please feel free to leave a comment below, share with a friend and also visit our Facebook page at We also have a You Tube page where you can watch the actual podcast; visit us at Looking to network and get personal training visit us and like us on facebook click here Connect with me on Linkedin Follow us on twitter click here Follow us on Instagram. Contractor and Tradesman Courses to help you Get and Retain your Tradesman License; visit our website at   ________________.Subscribe on Android