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Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class

Jun 26, 2017

When learning to be a leader there are two different styles. In today's episode I talk about the two styles and give insite on which one will allow those around you to work as a better team member. Whether you work as and Electrical Foreman, HVAC Supervisor, or Plumbing Foreman, we all need to know what tyoe of leader to be and learn what we should not become to keep you crew motivated and encouraged. Join me today as we talk about the Styles of Leadership. Have a topic you would like discussed click on the contacts tab and send us a question. Need courses for your Contractors license or Code update courses for you license renewal check us out at For a video of this podcast visit us on You tube and FaceBook Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward   [maxbutton id="1" ]             [maxbutton id="2" ]