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Surging Forward Podcast - A Podcast Devoted to the Working Class

Aug 14, 2017

We have all heard those words from somebody that is actually Bold enough to say "I'm Always Right. How arrogant is that really. That is what many people actually think you have to be in order to be a good leader.This is so far from the truth. In this weeks episode I am going to address some of these hard facts that many don't want to discuss because they think it makes them a weaker person if they do not know everything. I look forward to you comments about this episode drop us a line on Face book at the link below. Please feel free to pass the episode along a nd show your peers how to Keep Surging Forward by subscribing to this podcast. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and Remember to Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward. Looking for Training for your Tradesman CEU's or start your own Contracting Business Join us on Face Book click here  Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram [maxbutton id="2" ]     [maxbutton id="1" ]